"Spiritual practice is about transformation, but it is also, and more importantly,

                                     about working with what is." 

                                          Angel Kyodo Williams

​I have always lived in my body, but not the way I do now.  Yoga and bodywork practice have rooted me deeply into myself and encouraged a daily exploration of my intentions, my awareness, my limits and my strengths.


Meeting my body allows me to exist in each moment while embracing change. Every day is different but the practice is constant.  I am granted another opportunity to find stillness, to breathe consciously and watch closely, to trust the wisdom of my deeper self, to be fully present, to feel rather than think.  Each such experience offers a potential for deeper self-realization. It allows the subtle magic of life to step into the forefront of awareness. The mind quiets and everything else expands.


Massage, yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama practice are deeply therapeutic in their ability to offer us such insight into the present moment.


Regular use of these tools allows both body and mind to become clear.  Light shines into darkness. We heal ourselves. We arrive.


I invite you to expand into yourself.  Discover your practice. Embody!