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Tanya Neplioueva, C-IAYT

Vinyasa Yoga

Level 1/2


Vinyasa is a strong, fluid practice, as much about refinement as it is about willpower. This is an accessible but challenging class, appropriate for beginners and seasoned students. We move through a dynamic floor warm up, sun salutations and a sequence of standing postures, inversions, and breathwork.


My focus for offering vinyasa practice is on alignment, joint stability, core strength, and functional therapeutics.  Level 1/2, some yoga experience is recommended but not required.  

Gentle Yoga

All Levels

Gentle Yoga is a slower, breath-focused therapeutic yoga class. We work with mindful flow and basic postures, integrating simple deep breathing practices to increase strength, stability, and flexibility of body and mind. This class allows one to work on alignment fundamentals and self-awareness.  Some classes include a restorative element, where we rest in gentle, supported postures for several minutes to promote deep relaxation and stress relief.  

Appropriate for all levels of practitioner.

Yoga Therapy
One-on-one instruction

I am a certified yoga therapist with The International Association of Yoga Therapists, C-IAYT.


Yoga therapy is a one-on-one approach to yoga practice, ideal for students new to yoga, those with injuries or movement limitations, and those hoping to refine their yoga practice. A session may include yoga postures, deep breathing, meditation, and therapeutic hands-on assists.  My main focus with yoga therapeutics is pelvic and spinal alignment for back care and pain relief, spinal conditions, joint pain, scoliosis, and injury rehabilitation. 


New students benefit from personal instruction to learn the basics of correct alignment, while seasoned yogis ensure that their practice is safe and sustainable. You will receive a personal yoga pose sequence for home practice. 

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